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'Zakia’ is derived from the Arabic language. In Hebrew it means God's Purity, in Arabic it means Bright or Smart.

Star Sign - Virgo - month of August, birth date 25th. The bright side of her Virgo personality is marked by a very sharp intellect which is used to analyse the natural order of things. Virgos are typically labeled as perfectionists.

I am passionate about all of Nature’s beauty which is a wonderful creation of the Almighty and in my art work I try to re-create Nature’s beautiful gifts, which is why I enjoy painting mainly landscapes and anything where I feel nature is present. My working media is Acrylic on Canvas. I also use water color & pastel.

I'm a self taught artist who always likes new challenges and I'm a believer that great artwork is something comes from your inner beauty, meaningful visual poetry and has a story of its own. Also every piece of work is an art. It doesn't matter who is creating it and what is the outcome. I have been painting as a hobby but now I am considering being regular artist and have enjoyed the arts world since I was a child.

My painting career is not so long....when I was in Class 4 at school; I was encouraged by my dearest Mum to get admission into painting school at BAFA - Bangladesh, where I was a student for 3 years learning watercolor and pencil sketching, entering a few art competitions and BTV programs like "Notum Kuri" and the Russian Art Festival at Dhaka Museum, since then my painting skills have been slowly but surely developing.

Due to study commitments I had to stop painting for a short while but now I'm back again to my artwork with a passion and still consider myself to be a learner. Everyday I'm learning new things and I believe learning never ends.

Other than painting, my personal life is busy, I'm presently working full time within a well known global organisation. I really enjoy my work and my team. I am also acting as a Justice of The Peace (NSW) providing the community people valuable service.  I love my weekends meeting up with friends, going out for dinner, movies, opera, shopping, long drives anywhere in Sydney and travel around the world, whenever I have time for short breaks from busy life.

My family is a very important part of my life and also I care deeply for my best friends. Without them, and the Almighty, I wouldn't be here today, filled with gratitude for such a wonderful life.


I am seeking all of your blessings. Thank you for visiting my website. 

Zakia Hossain ~
Sydney - Australia


Zakia Hossain's 1st interview with Beedesh Bangla on TVS Channel
19th July 2009, Sunday  

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