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Zakia's 2nd Solo Art Exhibitions at CSIRO, ACT - photo album 20 June 09 ©


Zakia Hossain's 2nd Solo Art Exhibitions opening with
PriyoAustralia at CSIRO 20th June 09
All rights reserved & copyright © 2009
Zakia Hossain

Acknowledgement & Thank You

 Simply speechless........A very Special Day for me.
Thanks to PriyoAustralia & all other sponsors,
friends, family for their support, emails, sms & phone calls. 

Special Thanks goes to
1. PriyoAustralia - all team member
2. DeshBidesh Newspaper
  3. SydneyBashi
       4. BeedeshBangla
5. Basbhumi
6. BanglaAU

If I have missed anyone here to mention/acknowledge
please accept my sincere apologies.

Without all of your support, it wouldn't be a successful Exhibitions.
Thanks almighty for everything he has planned for me.





Zakia's 1st Art Exhibitions at Bondi, NSW - photo album 12 Dec 08 ©

Acknowledgement & Thank You
Thank you so much for all of your emails, sms, phone calls & also whoever attended my 1st art exhibitions 08 at Bondi. I am feeling great & never realised I would get such a wonderful support & best wishes from everyone. Though I've missed my dearest Mum & Dad, but all of your support was impressive. Hope to see you all again for my 2nd art exhibitions soon, hopefully in 2009.




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Zakia Hossain
copyright Australia © 2009