Photography is my passion. I enjoy taking photos especially focused on landscapes & event based. However, I am also enjoying everyday life & portraits.

My goal is to create the most exciting photographs possible. My equipment, be it cameras, software, photos, canvas, etc. is chosen for its ability to make this possible. My vision of the landscape is of a place of beauty, a place where I can experience a direct contact with the beauty of nature, a place where I can find relief from the pressures and stresses of the 21st century, and a place where I can find inspiration and freedom of my artistic expression.

Professional photography service for your everyday lifestyle such as -

  • Birthdays -
  • Weddings & Anniversary  -
  • Seminar or Presentations -
  • Social & Cultural Events -
  • Websites content -
  • Portfolio -
  • Event Invitation cards -
  • Any other special occiasions -

        PACKAGE includes -

  • Unlimited photos
  • Burned CD
  • Print copies on request
  • Enlarged or Poster size photo
  • Photo Album with creative touch
  • Souvenirs, Calender etc

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Zakia Hossain
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